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First ladies works with ladies with new and established brands as well as highly established fashion houses.

What does the Brand Concierge do:

The main function of the brand concierge is to introduce new clients to brand through small, luxury events.

We work with brands to host events with 15-30 of our high/ultrahigh clients/network. Our events are luxury and intimate

Why First Ladies:

We have been working with brands for a number of years in London. Brands from high end fashion designers like Herve Leger and Roland Mouret to up and coming fashion designers like Emilio De La Morena to many small unknown brands who are just breaking into the market.

Our turn out rate and sales figures have always been beyond expectation and many brands have commissioned us for a second and third event.

Why Dubai-London link:

For brands wishing to gain access to our extensive London network we can organise events for your brand in London as well as Dubai.


Included in our brand fee is an annual advertising page on Both our Dubai and U.K websites as well as 12 months inserts into our monthly newsletter.



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