We offer bespoke, socialised and focus property searching services.

We have two options for property search:


  1. Collective on-market properties
    1. We work with a large number of agents to collect a comprehensive list of available properties on the market that match you requirements
    2. We put together a list from a number of agents and once you have chosen which of the properties are of interest we arrange viewing with with each agent.
    3. There is no finders fee or charge but we are working purely with on-market properties and the agents will be working on behalf of the seller as far as price negotiations are concerned


  1. Property searching
    1. Property searching is a much more bespoke service where both us and the searcher are working on behalf of the buyer.
    2. You will proicd us with a list of requirements and we will search both on-market properties and “off-market, properties
    3. “Off-market” properties are obviously on the market but some sellers wish to sell only privately through searchers and never advertise these properties
    4. We also work directly with a large number of property developers , where we have preferential access and prices.
    5. There is fee once we have found your property. This is betwem 0.5-1.5% of the property value



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