Do you need help to overcome stress? Are you preparing for a major event? Are you seeking solutions to life’s challenges? Discover Sophrology with Dominique Antiglio, Sophrology Therapist and Coach:


Sophrology is a practical, therapeutic mind body approach – a powerful blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and practices. It combines breathing, relaxation, guided meditation, and gentle movement to heal and transform both mind and body. Sophrology enables us to deal positively with life’s challenges by harnessing our inner-resources.It has been widely practiced on the Continent for 50 years and is now available in London with Dominique Antiglio, a highly trained and truly empathetic Sophrology therapist.


Sophrology is simple and effective.  Clear benefits can be seen after just a few sessions: feel calmer, more balanced, empowered with greater clarity and focus. Sophrology is  not a substitute for medical treatment but it can help with many of the issues we face:  stress, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, burn-out, chronic pain or fatigue and weight issues.


Sophrology can be used to address problems such as poor work-life balance, lack of confidence, relationship issues, negative body image, post traumatic stress and coping with change.


Sophrology can also support you as you prepare for major events, such as:

·             Pregnancy, preparation for birth and parenting.

·             Sports competitions, interviews, public performances, exams, surgery.


Dominique has been dedicated to the technique since childhood and has repeatedly witnessed its benefits at work. She is also a qualified Osteopath and Holistic Voice Therapist. She has a broad understanding of health and healing and truly understands the physical, emotional and mental difficulties we face daily, and how to address them in a simple and efficient way.


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